Aerial Silks Classes and Parent-Child Acrobatics

Would you like to learn to fly with the Queen of the Skies? From absolute beginners through to intermediate, she will whip you in to shape with a fun 2 hour workshop. Classes are privately booked, and include stretching to increase flexibility, conditioning to increase strength, and a fun-filled hour on the silks. Get fit in the most creative way possible. Contact her for more information. Yes luv, get involved!

Rada and her daughter Tali have also taught a very successful parent-child acrobatics course at Woodford Folk Festival in Australia. Why not book them for your children’s birthday parties or the children’s area at your festival? Workshops suitable for children aged 3 and over, and parents of all ages so long as you can still lift up your kids (or better still, if they can lift you up!).

Student testimonials:

“I took up Silks to try something new; With Rada’s help I have developed in strength, technique and confidence! I have discovered not just a new sport but a whole new group of friends!” – Libby Mears, Club Coach at Axis Trampoline Club

“Miss Radida delivers breath-taking, energetic performances. She is an experienced aerial artist and performer, entertaining and befriending her audience. She is also an excellent, patient teacher providing top-quality, challenging yet fun aerial skills tutoring…”- Monika Kraszewska, UK Patent Attorney

“Silks makes you feel like you’re flying and Rada is a wonderful teacher who helps you accomplish that. She will push you to your limits as much as she can, always keeping an eye to your safety. Rada is passionate about her art and keen to transmit her knowledge to her students. The classes involve conditioning, stretching and flexibility, both on the floor and in the air.”- Nina Van der Pyl

“I attend Rada’s intermediate silks class and even that is a testament to how far I’ve come and how much my confidence has grown. Rada’s a great teacher and an inspiring silks performer, and I find I am constantly trying to push myself to achieve more and perform the moves better, even though it can be tough sometimes! I’ve even managed to perform in a solo show since attending her classes, and am hoping to perform again with even more of her guidance. I would highly recommend her classes if you are looking for something that pushes you not only physically but mentally too. It’s one of the best forms of exercise I’ve ever come across, and you’ll have so much fun you’ll never want to stop!”- Sofia Lisowski,

“I have been attending Rada’s silk classes for over a year now and look forward to every lesson! Learning good conditioning technique and amazing tricks/drops, I feel like I have improved immensely with her guidance. Rada is also very thorough in the way she teaches to ensure every move is executed safely. Rada is very passionate about her art and this is passed on in the way she teaches.”- Hannah Malpass, professional dancer

“Rada’s classes are perfect no matter how fit or flexible you are! With her skill and vision, Rada will get you comfortably and safely soaring through the air in no time as you learn new tricks and tumbles along with her exclusive tips of the trade. It’s so much fun to learn such unique skills…!”- Amy Ranahan