The Alternative Vintage Circus Valentine’s Night Experience

I was recently contacted by London band Gabby Young and Other Animals and asked to put together a couple of ground-based acts for their gig at The Alternative Vintage Circus Valentine’s Night Experience at The Plough Arts Centre in Great Torrington, Devon.  I had…

Posted on 23rd February 2013

Smerins Anti-Social Club’s debut album Primordial Cordial

I recently had the pleasure of attending the first two gigs on the Smerins Anti-Social Club’s debut album launch tour. The album is called Primordial Cordial, and it ROCKS!!! It is available to buy online on their bandcamp page. Click on the…

Posted on 22nd February 2013

Gunpowder Plot 2012

Gunpowder Plot is a night that George Smerin from Smerins Anti-Social Club and I have been putting on together at Bristol In:Motion  for the past 3 years. It is to celebrate fireworks night, so we have a fantastic fireworks display along with a really fabulous line-up…

Posted on 12th November 2012

Police Rave Unit

Another thing that I got involved with recently is the Police Rave Unit. Inspector Smerin and 2CI Wogan have created the new walkabout/ drive-about act, and have done up an old van to look like a police riot van that they DJ from….

Posted on 4th June 2012


So, yes, as I said I have performed at many festivals throughout the UK, and a few in Europe and Australia also, over the past few years. I regularly perform at Glastonbury Festival, the largest festival in Europe I believe, along with…

Posted on 29th February 2012