Jaggers-Parsons wedding dress

Last year I also constructed my first ever wedding dress for one of my aerial silks students. I was very chuffed to be asked to work on this extra-special project for a really lovely couple, Victoria Jaggers and Adam Parsons, who got married…

Posted on 24th January 2016

Costume designs by Miss Radida 2015

Last year I worked on some beautiful costume designs for amazingly talented folk, and in this post I am going to share with you some of my favourite sewing projects from 2015: Duosu costume designs Back in March 2015 I was asked to…

Posted on 23rd January 2016

Video- Dangerettes, White Mink Black Cotton, Maddie’s solo

Dangerettes Video I forgot to mention the delightful fire show I did with The Dangerettes last year for a beautiful wedding in Horningsham Village Hall the weekend before Glastonbury Festival. During the day Merlin went to Oxford for me to perform stilts for…

Posted on 20th January 2016

In my world- DJing, circus performance, costume making

So here I am, true to form, updating my blog nearly a year since the last post. This does seem to be the way in my world- work, work, work, live life, love life, DJ, circus, costumes. And, oh yeah, I forgot…

Posted on 17th January 2016

An Antipodean circus adventure continues

In October last year, I was commissioned by Eléna Marina to make some costumes for her and two other artists to perform aerial alongside The Black Eyed Peas in Cape Verde. It was for the Melia Dunas Resort Launch, and other artists who performed…

Posted on 2nd February 2015

Making leopard print jackets

I had big ideas about writing a full last month’s catch up tonight, but it took so long to organise my photos that I now only have time for a short news catch up about the gold leopard print jackets I made…

Posted on 26th October 2014

Secret Garden Party and Invisible Man costume

My last post finished with a few photos of the Invisible Man costume I made recently for Impact Artists. Here are a few photos of the costume out and about. The character is a magician: The weekend after Harbour Fest and Give…

Posted on 14th September 2014

Space disco, DJing, The Dangerettes, and White Rabbit strikes again

The weekend after Glastonbury, first weekend in July, I performed aerial silks at a private 21st birthday party in Bath. The party was space-themed, and was only for 100 guests. They hired a beautiful geodesic dome which they erected in their garden….

Posted on 31st August 2014

Spain and Glastonbury Festival 2014

As usual, here I am again catching up on a few months in this blog. Summer has been one long enjoyable steam train ride since the beginning of June when I last wrote. At least, this write-up takes me to the end of…

Posted on 30th August 2014

Costume design and recent shows

I was contacted by my friend and aerial colleague Madeleine McGowan to make a last-minute costume for a show she was performing in at The Roundhouse, London, for The Circus Festival called Expectation. They had a last-minute change of direction for the…

Posted on 12th May 2014

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