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Aerial Silks, Hoop & Acrobatics

Miss Radida provides aerial acrobatics for corporate event entertainment, producing and performing in aerial shows worldwide. A multi-talented aerialist with skills including aerial silks, she works hard to create the WOW factor for your event. If you are looking for someone who can take care of all your entertainment needs, allow Miss Radida to design you a spectacular evening.

Are you looking for top class aerial acts for corporate events?

With over ten years experience working in the field of aerial arts, she is famous for her high-energy aerial silk routines that combine death- defying drops with heart-stopping web spins. The graceful flair she delivers in performance, always accompanied with a stunning smile, is second to none in the industry. She is happy to tailor shows to individual needs by creating and designing her own gorgeous costumes and sharp choreography to suit every occasion.

She has many acts to choose from- a mesmerizing counter-weight aerial sling routine which sees her flying through the air with the greatest of ease, heavenly aerial silks routines which find her suspended by one ankle whilst spinning (available also as seemlessly spun duets), aerial hoop routines showing off her stunning flexibility (and a spectacular new act combining aerial hoop with splendid pyrotechnic effects!), solo and duo static trapeze acts, quirky acro-balance acts, sensational fire acts (including a new collaboration with the stunning all-female fire troupe The Dangerettes– please click on the link to see the video).

Would you like to work with someone who can take care of all your entertainment needs?

Miss Radida also produces shows in collaboration with other aerial artists, so if you can’t see the circus acts you are looking for on this website, please do not hesitate to enquire regardless. She is sure to be able to fulfil your needs by booking other world-class artists for you!

“… the ladies in the pyro rings were amazing!!”- Gabby Young, from Gabby Young and Other Animals

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