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Silks / Tissu

The ‘Queen of the Skies’ Miss Radida¬†performs glamorous, high-energy silks routines that will dazzle and amaze. Known as tissu in France, silks is a stunning show of acrobatic dance performed on long flowing pieces of fabric suspended from the rooftop.

Miss Radida’s silks acts combine slow and graceful transitions showing off her flexibility, with heart-stopping web-spins at dizzying heights, into a final drop that will have your hearts racing and minds reeling. She has many different silks routines, and is happy to tailor shows to suit themed events.

Choose from a variety of acts and styles:

  • ‘Dosvedanya’, dressed in a gold and black corseted Victorian-esque costume
  • ‘Freilach’ the beautiful gypsy piece by Tragic Roundabout
  • ‘Pavlovs Plums’ the Nutcracker-meets-Bond Girls piece by Smerins Anti-Social Club
  • ‘Sailor Girl’ fun character-based piece, can be done as a solo or synchronized duet
  • ‘Roxanne’, the moody Moulin Rouge-inspired piece. Can be done as a solo or a lovely synchronized duet with two sets of red silks
  • ‘Terk’, a fun circus-themed synchronized duo act
  • OR come up with your own theme and watch as she sculpts a costume suitable for the show and an act guaranteed to have your guests talking about it for months afterwards.