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Walkabout/ Stage

The White Rabbit

“I’m late I’m late, for a very important date!”
This dashing White Rabbit straight out of Alice in Wonderland, is desperate to find the Mad Hatters Tea Party. A fabulously skittish walkabout character, or on roller-skates, this White Rabbit has a touch of magic up his sleeve, and a little bit of side-show in his coat-tail pocket.

Stage show and walkabout available.

“I love it! It’s like Jim Rose circus meets Alice in Wonderland!”- Victoria Doggart

“I had a mega fab weekend. It started on Thursday and ended on Tuesday, two of the highlights were seeing the White Rabbit (stage show) on Saturday and meeting the White Rabbit on Monday”- Tommy Popcorn, Ujima Radio announcer

Geisha Girls

Have you ever dreamed of having Geisha Girls to entertain you at your party? These Geishas can dance with umbrellas or simply keep you company and add a sparkle to your evening.

Harlequin/ Pierrot Clowns

Sweet little, silly little, happy little, sad little pierrots or harlequins make a fabulous addition to your party. They are bendy, strong, and entertaining. They love balancing on one another, playing silly games, and generally just having fun!

Lara Burkhart

Lara Burkhart is a scintilating side-show character that will twist your mind and appease your eyes. She’s magical, she’s charming, she’s beautiful, and she’s downright dangerous!

She eats fire, plays with suitcases, and hammers nails into her face with the back of her hairbrush.

Not for the faint-hearted!

A great show-filler act, or walkabout character.

Murder of the High Teas

“Let them eat cake!” A quintessential Victorian tea party gone wrong. Watch as this seemingly normal tea-time visit to a friend ends in utter madness, fire-eating and show-stopping side-show.

A great cabaret piece.