Miss Radida Miss Radida Miss Radida Miss Radida Miss Radida


Miss Radida shows off her extreme flexibility suspended from a ring in the sky. Watch as she contorts her body into shapes, and folds around the aerial hoop high in the air. Suspended from a single point, she spins and dances on the hoop with the greatest of ease, as the aerial ring creates a glamourous frame around her.

For a spectacular finish to your event, book ‘Fire’, a new act combining three synchronized hoops with pyrotechnic effects attached to the hoop above the performers. Can be performed counter-weighted or static.

Choose from a variety of acts:

  • ‘Hindi Diamonds’ the Bollywood Moulin Rouge- inspired piece
  • ‘Sahib Balkan’ a circus-themed synchronized duo act
  • ‘Sailor Girl’ fun character-based piece in Victorian- style sailor costume- can be solo or duo
  • ‘Fire’ triple synchro counter-weighted hoop piece complete with pyrotechnic effects

“…the ladies in the pyro rings were amazing!!”- Gabby Young, from Gabby Young and Other Animals

Below are: ‘Fire’ counter-weight hoop act with pyrotechnics, and aerial hoop showreel: