Miss Radida

Counterweight Sling

A new apparatus created by Rada herself, this act sees the use of a simple 3m long rigging sling as a stand-alone piece of equipment called “Counterweight Sling”. A duo act with a counterweight rigger, this show is mesmerizing and fills a large venue. Recently it has also been performed with a Formula 1-theme to a lovely remix of Moby’s “Lift Me Up”, see video 2.

This act has been seemlessly choreographed to the gorgeously orchestral instrumental piece by The People’s String Foundation called ‘Twins’, and also to Gabby Young and Other Animals’ hauntingly beautiful tune ‘We’re All In This Together’. Radida has performed with Gabby Young on several occasions, and the band said this of her performance:

“…thank you so much for your stunning performance on Saturday. (We’re All In This Together) is such a special, personal song for me and you made it truly magical. Thankyou for your hard work and doing this- I hope to get a chance to do it again someday…. we were so impressed by it all….”- Gabby Young