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Fun, energetic acro-balance acts available in a variety of themes including Sailor Girls, Harlequins, Pierrot Clowns, and Swing-style dance pieces.

Miss Radida and Tali Star have been performing as a mother and daughter acro-balance duo for the past 6 years. Their endearing shows have had adults close to tears, and children clamouring to climb on stage to join them. Their acro-balance acts are fantastic for children’s birthday parties (brilliant when teamed with parent-child acro- balance classes), festivals, or family- friendly cabarets.

However, as Tali has now grown to full size and is busy with her studies, these acts have changed somewhat in the past few years to include a replacement artiste. These acts and more are still available, but are no longer performed by the mother and daughter duo.

Available acts:

  • ‘Sailor Girls’ charleston dance show
  • ‘Harlequin Swing’ acrobatic dance act
  • ‘Pierrot Clowns’ Clowning around 
  • ‘Geisha Girls’ umbrella dance

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