About Miss Radida

Born in Australia, Rada AKA Miss Radida, wanted to be on stage from a very young age. Studying drama and fashion throughout school, she finally found the circus and started training aerial skills. At this time, she was also studying a Diploma in Fashion, and on completion of her studies she started working with her 6 year old daughter Tali Star on a human puppet show called ‘Marion and Annette’.¬†They now perform several versions of their act, including a character-based sailor girls act, that are perfect for children’s entertainment and birthday parties, festivals and cabarets.

In 2007 she moved to the UK, and has been performing ever since. She is known mostly for her high-energy aerial silks routines that combine death- defying drops with heart-stopping spins, but has many skills and is happy to tailor shows to individual needs by creating and designing her own gorgeous costumes and stunning choreography to suit every occasion.

During the past few years she has worked extensively for Bristol’s own Invisible Circus, on shows including Carny Ville’s 1-4, Carny Village, Fools Paradise, The Gunpowder Plot, The Swing Thing, The Last Resort, Balkan Disco, Itsy Bitsy Cabaret, Day of the Dead Ball, Combustion Club, Beyond the Cabaret, and at many festivals, with jobs ranging from performer through to programmer and costume designer.

She has recently featured in the delightful book called ‘Flying High- New Circus In Bristol’ by Monica Connell, and has supported Beyonce with Incandescence on her ‘I Am’ tour of Egypt.