Another year out, a new one just begun- let’s go walkabout

So it seems, my usual habit of blogging once a year has happened again. This time, instead of catching up on everything I have done I am simply going to start from here and hope that I will keep up with things this year. We all live such wonderfully full and busy lives. Being an artist means always being on the go, so many fabulously creative activities continuously happening in this exciting city I live in. And every day it seems, more and more creative people are being drawn to this melting pot in the South West.

The sun has finally come back to grace us with renewed energy, I have moved into my house, and have started the long process of building my castle so that it works for us. My garden is green and we have the sweetest little robin red-breast who hangs out there collecting earthworms. My daughter will graduate school very soon, and thus we end a long chapter of our lives. 2017 brings with it many new beginnings. The rest of the world is on the brink of major disaster, and our imposing leader has called a snap election bringing with it the vague hope that she will somehow be cast out. We live in hope. My favourite saying being banded about right now, sprayed across Easton- finish May in June…. all I can say is- register to vote people, and do your bit. This is important.


I spent a lovely day out with my good friend G-Bob yesterday in Derby, doing a walkabout of the Walrus and the Carpenter (remember this poem from Alice in Wonderland?) for Fools Paradise for the Derby Saint George’s Day celebrations. The sun shone, and we jollied about with a Giant (baby) Clam in a pram. I only have one photo of the day, and here it is:

Last weekend I took a trip to Wales to perform with Tin Shed Theatre Company in their Easter cabaret Rabbit in the Hat. No prizes for guessing what act I did:

The next day we took a lovely drive to the Gower Peninsula to a sweet little place called Mumbles and had a walk along the coast:

Summer is gearing up to be full of fun as always, and I am learning to mix vinyl! So much fun! I am DJing at Shindig Festival at the end of May, and a private stag do the weekend before. Summer is on its way!

Watch this space for more news soon. Enjoy the sunshine 🙂

Posted on 23rd April 2017