Jaggers-Parsons wedding dress

Last year I also constructed my first ever wedding dress for one of my aerial silks students. I was very chuffed to be asked to work on this extra-special project for a really lovely couple, Victoria Jaggers and Adam Parsons, who got married the weekend after Glastonbury Festival 2015- incidentally also two days before I flew home to Australia for a well-needed holiday on home soil. Not only did I make Vickie’s wedding dress, but I also DJ’d a mega fun 3 hour set at their wedding! Gotta love a good wedding- and I went to four last year; three of them circus family weddings along with the one mentioned here, and all of them extremely beautiful, unique and touching. I feel so blessed to know such wonderful people.

The lovely professional photos on this page were taken by the official wedding photographer Eleanor Jane Photography:

Vickie contacted me around December 2014 to ask me if I would be up for making her wedding dress. I was very touched to be asked, and of course I said yes straight away, though to be honest, my first feelings were of sheer nervousness! This was the first ever wedding dress I was to make, and with wedding dresses comes a lot of pressure from extra family members and opinions and attitudes- usually. But, not being one to shy away from a challenge, I thought sure why not have a go at it. It’s not like I haven’t made loads of formal-style costumes and silks dresses for stage during my career- the only difference was that this was to be used in “real” life for a “real” wedding, not one featured on TV or film or stage.

Vickie came to me with some photos that she had found on the internet of a dress she really loved- well, not exactly a dress but a two-piece outfit featuring camisole-style top and full-length circle skirt. She didn’t want a traditional wedding dress, and was more into the idea of the whole outfit being a warmer gold/ cream colour than crisp white (in fact, you can just see the second layer of gold silk poking out in the photo above showing their shoes). She liked the simple elegance of the design she had found. Here are some pictures of the inspiration dress:

Adam and Vickie were planning a trip to India in January 2015, and she wanted to buy some Indian silk for the dress whilst there. She came back with a beautiful gold silk taffeta and a lovely light cream chiffon. Unfortunately the chiffon was very narrow and we had to purchase a wider piece for the skirt to eliminate unnecessary seams. The gold taffeta was perfect however, and this became the second layer of the dress. I added a third layer of light cotton to the whole thing to give it a nice structural base.

We discussed the idea of adding a lace detail to the sleeve, and Vickie found some gorgeous lace on etsy. It had big flowers hand-stitched onto it that were a bit too much on the sleeve, so I unpicked them. The scalloped edging to the lace was lovely, and I hand-stitched it onto the sleeves, creating a “cap” effect. When it was done, I laid a piece of the left-over lace onto the hem of the skirt to see what it looked like, and it seemed to finish the whole outfit off perfectly. I showed Vickie and she agreed, so I set about hand-stitching the lace around the entire hem. When the dress was finished, I also made Adam a matching tie- quite a challenge with two layers of silk and a layer of cotton, but it worked out well:

Arriving at the wedding, I felt nervous anticipation sitting in the church waiting for Vickie to enter. At this stage, I had never met any of her or Adam’s family members before, and people have such high expectations about wedding dresses. I need not have worried of course because Vickie looked amazing- and the wedding dress was just perfect.

As surfers, Adam and Vickie decided to hold the wedding reception in tipis overlooking Croyde Bay, North Devon, a favourite surfing destination of theirs. It was absolutely beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the party was lovely. As I mentioned earlier, I got the whole party dancing well into the night with a 3-hour DJ set to finish the evening off. Here are some more photos of the event:

And whilst on the subject of weddings, I want to mention briefly the other 3 weddings that I attended last year. The year started off with the wedding of circus artist’s Loz Because and Marky Jay on the 2nd January. I attended the reception at Obento sushi restaurant in Bristol, and it was a lovely relaxed affair. Loz looked stunning in a silver sequined dress, but unfortunately I don’t have any photos to share. I spoke in a previous post about the spectacular high-wire wedding of Chris and Phoebe in May, and this was followed by yet another circus wedding in June- the wedding of Kino and Justine. A stunning wedding set in a field at the base of Glastonbury Tor, Justine made her own wedding dress- and she looked incredible! Here are some photos of the wedding and reception:

Posted on 24th January 2016