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So here I am, true to form, updating my blog nearly a year since the last post. This does seem to be the way in my world- work, work, work, live life, love life, DJ, circus, costumes. And, oh yeah, I forgot to write about it….again! The life of a performance artist!

January 2016 in the UK; a time of reflection, re-setting, and hibernating. A time where my body would rather stay in bed and read than leave the house. A time to think about new ideas, new skills, new directions. I time to nurture what has been and consider what will be. Speaking of which, I just finished a brilliant book called “Life”, written by Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. Fascinating read. I’m as surprised as he is that he can remember it all! If you like a good autobiography, I recommend it. Full of all the good gritty stuff, and a great rock ‘n roll history to boot. Gotta love the Stones- I used to go to sleep listening to them blaring on the record player downstairs in our house for the first ten years of my life in Darwin, NT, Australia in the ’70s and early ’80s. My dad was an avid fan back then. Here are some photos of a recent trip to Darwin, but I will write more about that later:

My last post finished with “next time I will write about NYE….”. At the time, I meant NYE 2014/2015, and here we are actually just past the next one. Catching up on a year of writing, the worst part is getting all of your media up-to-date; it has just taken me the best part of 2 hours to transfer all the photos from my phone to my computer, so that I can add them to this blog! Photos taken on the phone need to somehow find themselves on your computer- easy enough some would say, but pair a macbook with a samsung phone and somehow life in this respect becomes chaos…. well, ok, I AM talking about MY life ;). Never one for technological advances (I still keep a written diary), I do find keeping up-to-date with technology a total pain in the butt. I could really do with an assistant in this respect. One day…

The Gunpowder Plot Pyro Aerial Hoop show

Here is a video edit I did yesterday of a performance we did at Motion in Bristol a few years ago for an event I helped to organise called ‘The Gunpowder Plot’. Re-learning imovie after the umpteenth unnecessary update. It’s not perfect, but it was fun to do:

Xmas Contracts

For our Xmas contract in 2014 Maddie and I learnt fire hula hoop and Spanish Web (you can view this video in my previous post). Our theme was Moonlit in Marrakech. It was fun learning some new skills. I have to say a huge thank you to Susie Glatt and Kris Madden for teaching us some skills, both were so helpful and great to work with. Here is a little video edit I did of our performance:

For our Xmas contract in 2015, we had a winch to play on, meaning we were able to do a solo flying act each. This was a lot of fun, though added quite a bit of extra work to a very hectic schedule. Our theme was Midnight in Monte Carlo, and we performed a synchronised aerial hoop act followed half an hour later (complete with costume change) by my solo act on the winch. I performed on my sling, and it was great to get that act out again. I re-styled it as a Formula 1 girl to suit the Monte Carlo theme. Another half hour later exactly, again complete with costume change and the addition of a wig, we performed synchronised silks dressed as Bond Girls, which was followed by Maddie’s solo on winched corde lisse, yet again half an hour later. It was a hectic schedule, though after the first couple of days we settled into the routine quite nicely. I made us new Bond Girl costumes for the silks act, and also added a bunch of gold bling to my sling costume- I had made it a few years ago for fun, and never worn it. I like the addition of the gold bling, really helped to jazz it up. The aerial hoop costumes and the gold stripy tailed costume that Maddie wore for her rope act were costumes that I had made for Impact Artists a few years back:

NYE 2014/2015 performance

NYE 2014/2015 was a busy work night for me. I started the night as The White Rabbit doing a couple of walkabout performance sets at a cute little venue in Bristol called The Square Club. It was a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party-theme. That was fun, and about 6 months later I got another booking through The Square Club to perform as The White Rabbit for Mike and Lucy’s wedding reception, which was to be held there in November 2015. I LOVE a good wedding! I was asked to first appear by serving up desserts to select guests, and the guests were suitably surprised at the random nature of the rabbit appearing. I then got to pop out and bring the bride and groom the knife to cut the wedding cake, followed by a couple of walkabout sets after dinner at the party. Apart from the two pictures I took backstage, the other photos were taken by the wedding photographer Tasha Park. If you would like to view more of her work, please visit Tasha Park photography:

My second gig on NYE 2014 was at The Tobacco Factory for the Vaudeville Circus Ball. Working for Cirque Bijou again, I started off with a White Rabbit walkabout (as I was already in costume from the previous gig) followed by a new comedy aerial hoop performance that I created especially for the event called “Typically English”. I then performed a web spin dressed as a bearded lady throwing out confetti for the countdown to midnight. Here are some photos of my Typically English act, photo credit goes to Sandy McClure Love in Focus Wedding Photography:

Albany Artists Cabaret performance

And here is the video of this same act, performed at The Albany Artists Cabaret in March 2015 and filmed by Ben Lowrey:

DJing, London Remixed Festival and Glastonbury 2015

At the beginning of February 2015, Chris Tofu asked me to DJ in the disco lift at London Remixed Festival- I made my first ever mixtape, a Ghetto Funk disco remix set created especially for the lift, and it went down really well! Here are some pictures of me while I was DJing:

And here is a link to my disco funkin mixtape. I hope you enjoy it!

The weekend after that we had a lovely Xmas party for the police rave unit crew- it is quite normal for us folk who work in the entertainment industry to not be able to have parties at the same time as the rest of the world because we are usually the ones entertaining everyone else. It was a really lovely weekend away at Fernhill Farm in Somerset, perfect for a gathering.

I have been DJing a lot this last year, have made some regular appearances at The Attic Bar in Bristol and The Canteen, played a few sets for The Invisible Circus, and was offered a monthly residency at No.51 Stokes Croft and then realised I didn’t really want to commit to it- it was a Tuesday night, and a very late gig, so I gave it up shortly after starting. But it was nice to be asked! I’ve played street parties, house parties, a couple of brilliant weddings (which I will talk about more in my next post) and The Big Chill Bar in London. I DJ’d in Greece, and even did a couple of gigs in Australia when I went home for a holiday in July. I’ve played crew parties, festivals, and more this year- it has been epic!

I even played 8 different sets in many different venues at the famous Glastonbury Festival! Now, THAT was really something! I played the headline set in The Cave in The Common on Thursday night in front of around 1000 people behind a waterfall, thanks to Steve Bedlam for that gig. I was asked to play for an hour and in the end I did 1 hour and 40 minutes- smashed it! I  got to play in the Famous Rabbit Hole (thanks Posh Ratz), where I also performed my White Rabbit act in a late night cabaret on the Thursday evening, and played a few sets in The House of Come-Ons in Shangri-La thanks to Will the Worlds Tallest DJ. I again played backstage Arcadia Bar late on Saturday night (and was told by a few people that is was their favourite set all weekend, which was super sweet to hear), and also DJ’d in Wally’s Backstage Crew Bar and The Monster Raving Party Stage (thanks DJ Bollocks), also in Shangri-La. It was an epic Glastonbury, I really enjoyed myself. Here are some photographic moments:

I think that is where I will leave it for today, enough is enough! I hope you enjoy my ramblings, and I REALLY hope it won’t take me another year to write again :). Soon I will write about the NYE 2015/2016 gig that I received through a DJ Agency that I recently joined. But for now, it’s ciao!

Posted on 17th January 2016