An Antipodean circus adventure continues

In October last year, I was commissioned by Eléna Marina to make some costumes for her and two other artists to perform aerial alongside The Black Eyed Peas in Cape Verde. It was for the Melia Dunas Resort Launch, and other artists who performed at the event included Ms Dynamite and Tinie Tempah.

There were to be two female costumes and one male costume, all suitable to perform aerial silks in. Eléna was inspired by this silver outfit worn by Ru Paul at a fashion show for the female costumes, and this Rio Carnival costume for the male one:

As we were pretty clear that the female design needed to be as similar to the original Ru Paul dress as possible, but still usable as an aerial costume, that design was pretty easy. I drew a long-legged version and a short-legged version. The male costume was a little more open to my interpretation, so I came up with a few variations for this costume. My designs were as follows:

For the female costumes, we decided on the short-legged version but with lots of loose silver pieces hanging down from the waist to create a dress-like feel. For the male costume, Eléna really liked the trousers in Design 1 and the feathered shoulder feature in Design 3. She also asked if I could add some feathers to the cuff of the trousers. The head dresses in all designs I elaborated on quite a lot when it came to making the outfits.

The female costumes took ages to make, what with all the tiny pieces of silver fabric individually cut out and stitched onto the base flesh mesh layer. But I was pretty thrilled with how they came out, and the client was too!


I performed walkabout as The White Rabbit in October last year at Blaize Castle for the Bristol Alzheimer’s Memory Walk Fundraiser. I brought Alice (in Wonderland) along to accompany me on stilts. It was fun, very silly, and the kids LOVED us:

I was booked by Impact Artists to perform at Best Parties Ever Xmas Parties again last year, but this time I was asked to perform at a Marrakech- themed event instead of my usual Moulin Rouge-theme. This meant having to learn two new skills- fire hula hoop and Spanish Web. I really enjoyed pushing my skills again, and on 1st November, Halloween weekend, Alice Firefly and I did a fire show for The Dangerettes where I did my first ever fire hula hoop performance.  It was for Flambe Circus Theatre company.

The event was a private birthday/ Halloween party in the midlands, and the house and gardens looked great all done up for Halloween. It was very windy and cold though, and we performed meet and greet as the guests were arriving followed by a full 20 minute choreographed show in the wind. Cold!!!

After doing this show, we drove straight back to Bristol to arrive by midnight to perform at the Shindig Halloween Party. I was booked to do a zombie White Rabbit walkabout as well as to perform the full stage show down in the dungeons. I wore scary pink zombie contact lenses which really amped up the scariness of the rabbit. It was very busy when we arrived of course, as the party was already in full swing by then. Such a lot of fun, and a fantastic party!

The weekend after Halloween I did yet another fire show, including some more fire hula hooping, for the lovely Katy Kartwheel of Circus Passion. It was so much fun! Alice Firefly and I again drove up to the midlands to perform at a school fireworks night. We performed for about half an hour before the main fireworks were set off, much to the delight and amazement of all the little primary school children and their families. There were lots of very excited little faces as we performed all of our fire skills for them.

The night after this, I Dj’ed at The Attic Bar in Bristol alongside Tankus the Henge and Buffos Wake. So much fun as usual, thanks Vikki!! I had a couple of young American couchsurfers staying at my house for the night, and they came along and danced all night alongside everyone else there. The bands were great, and I had the dance floor packed until the very end!!

A few days later I flew to Budapest for the coordinators meeting for the new Erasmus+ European Project that we are starting. Previously this was called a Grundtvig Partnership, but this year they have updated the system and it has now changed names. I left Bristol on 11th November and came back on the 15th. We are planning another two years of Social Circus workshops across 7 European countries, very exciting!

During this time I was also making lots of costumes and props for Impact Artists, as I do every year around this time. I covered four umbrellas in gold fabric as they were to be used as aerial umbrellas, and made some costumes for the girls who performed on them. I also made a Maltese Cross umbrella cover for an event in Malta that Cirque Bijou were doing:

I made two red dresses that were to be used as “red carpet” dresses. The tail on the dresses was very long and was attached to the carpet as people entered to look as though the dresses were the actual carpet the audience were walking in on:

Here are some photos of other costumes I have made for Best Parties Ever. The photos were taken during the events:

And here are a few photos I found that were taken at our event of Maddie and I:

Here is a copy of my Spanish Web act, as performed at Best Parties Ever. It is my first ever act of this type, so much fun! I do love a bit of spinning:

As you can see. I do like to keep myself super busy, and silly me for not updating my blog a little more often! During this time, I was also managing my own Xmas Parties Contract, whereby I hired two amazingly talented aerial and fire artists to perform for me at a venue in Reading. The theme was Great Gatsby, and Gemma and Lyn choreographed a gorgeous synchronized aerial silks act and a flapper-style fire act. They also performed hangabout aerial hoop meet ‘n greet. I designed the costumes of course, doing a full make for the silks costumes and adding a bit of extra sparkle to two flapper dresses for the fire act.

I DJ’ed at 6am at the Boomtown Fair crew after party in December, which was fun despite the VERY late start, and have recently done a few more DJing gigs about town. Two weekends ago I played for Cirque Bijou at the Bristol Green Capital VIP opening event called Bridging The Gap, and last Friday night I performed to a packed house at No. 51 in Bristol to raise money for a friend of mine who has lyme disease. The treatment is extremely expensive, so all money raised went towards her treatment. If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause, you can do at the following address:

Whilst I’m on the subject of worthy causes to support, my darling daughter has decided to head off to India for this year’s Summer holidays to work with orphaned children. If you would like to support her on this journey, please donate some money at:

New Years Eve antics will have to wait for another day, I have run out of time to write today. Enjoy!

Posted on 2nd February 2015