Making leopard print jackets

I had big ideas about writing a full last month’s catch up tonight, but it took so long to organise my photos that I now only have time for a short news catch up about the gold leopard print jackets I made after Shambala and before Bestival. I made two matching jackets- one for my housemate (birthday present) and one for myself as I had been meaning to make myself a jacket out of this fabric for ages. A while ago, I bought a leopard-print bedspread, and it was very synthetic and pretty awful to sleep under. So I decided to use the fabric to make myself a jacket. Then it turned into two.

I fully quilted the lining to make them nice and warm for the winter. The jackets both have 5 zippered pockets- four on the outside, and one on the inside left breast. I wore mine to Bestival, and it was perfect for keeping all of my valuables safe due to the zippered pockets.

20140829_205215#1 20140829_205245#1 20140829_205301#1

Finished jackets:

20140829_205312#1 20140829_205206#1

Photos of us both wearing our matching jackets at The Carny Villains gig at The Fleece:

20140926_225603 20140926_225555

Posted on 26th October 2014