English Disco Lovers Disco Ball

I performed at The English Disco Lovers Disco Ball on Friday and Saturday night over the weekend. We performed in a new space called The All Hallows Hall in Easton. Barnz rigged the space, which is very exciting as the rig is 10 metres high!

I performed my new White Rabbit stage show, which was fun, and a group of us also premiered the new Dangerettes fire show, complete with exciting new costumes, being the first ever properly choreographed fire show I have performed in! Super fun, and a super cool act! Will post some footage and photos up soon.

On Friday night we had a power failure 2 minutes before the cabaret was supposed to start, which took about half an hour to sort out. The cabaret finally started about an hour late, but everyone still had a great night. Saturday night was much better, with all the problems ironed out and a full house as well. Really enjoyed having friends down from London and seeing lots of faces I hadn’t seen for a while.

Last night we went down to the Attic Bar and watched Musical Youth┬áplay, remember them from the 80’s? It was freezing, and I was a bit disappointed to hear them play lots of really obvious reggae covers and only 3 of their own tunes. Oh well, apparently the youth of today don’t have that much of their own to say anymore.

I am about to head back down to the Attic in half an hour to watch Smerins Anti-Social Club play, followed by another classic 80’s band called Pigbag who are from Bristol. Wish this weather would warm itself up though!

Posted on 1st April 2013